Selfmade fusion drive and general sluggishness on 10.9.1 (13A603)…

My original Apple SSD (Model TS128C) which was shipped with my early 2012 unibody macbook pro has always (close to day one) been way to small for all the data I’d like to carry around at most times (Virtual machines and stuff like that). So, I looked around to see, what we can do to make things better. How about a fusion drive …?
Well, you get plenty of disk space bundled with a decent performance, I told my self. My plan was born.

Thanks to sites like, and there are plenty of good step by step instructions for the hardware part. I ordered my replacement units from (they are based in germany – in my case better – shipping and customs… ) this hardware and along with it the guide found here.

Instead of the default (and most times) useless dvd drive, I replaced it with a new HITACHI HDD spinning drive (TRAVELSTAR 5k1500).

So, after that was done (@steffen – thanks for the support), I had to do the software part of the update…

First things first – do a Backup before even thinking about anything else…

For updating my drive to a fusion drive I closely followed instructions which I found on a german site (german).

Once all was in place the output of the command „diskutil cs list“ shows the following output:

bash-3.2$ diskutil cs list
CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
+-- Logical Volume Group 61EC72F5-9223-4550-93BE-8E8A4622FD07
Name: FusionDrive
Status: Online
Size: 1620431003648 B (1.6 TB)
Free Space: 81920 B (81.9 KB)
+-< Physical Volume ED343FE9-599B-448C-97E1-2BBACF209E24
| ----------------------------------------------------
| Index: 0
| Disk: disk0s2
| Status: Online
| Size: 120988852224 B (121.0 GB)
+-< Physical Volume 9FCFA63B-5B33-461D-A630-9748CA55DAD8 | ---------------------------------------------------- | Index: 1 | Disk: disk1s2 | Status: Online | Size: 1499442151424 B (1.5 TB) | +-> Logical Volume Family 9B7CE09E-AD29-4DCD-9AF1-ADDAEDE03882
Encryption Status: Unlocked
Encryption Type: None
Conversion Status: NoConversion
Conversion Direction: -none-
Has Encrypted Extents: No
Fully Secure: No
Passphrase Required: No
+-> Logical Volume D2A24815-F705-4A19-B2FD-71D0E6D33B1E
Disk: disk2
Status: Online
Size (Total): 1614932459520 B (1.6 TB)
Conversion Progress: -none-
Revertible: No
LV Name: siegfried
Volume Name: siegfried
Content Hint: Apple_HFS

At first it seems like a good tradeoff, but then I realized that there are some issues when using finder or search via spotlight… later I found out, that I do not seem to be the only one having those issues with MacOS 10.9.1 and a fusion drive setup…

Performance tests I did using blackmagic


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